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PayYourPropertyTax.com FAQ:

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Q1:  What is PayYourPropertyTax.com?
A:  PayYourPropertyTax.com is a convenience website to help people with paying County related property taxes easily and without having to wait in line.

Q2:  Where do I find my PPIN, Parcel number, or Receipt number?
A:  You will receive a renewal card in the mail. On the card you will find your number and/or PPIN.

Q3:  What is an e-check?
A:  It is just like writing a check from your check book. Just make sure you copy the 9 routing numbers and the bank account number accurately.

Q4:  Is the site secure?
A:  Yes, 100% secure, we use a 256 bit encryption for every transaction going through our system.

Q5:  What is the internet handling fee?
A:  The handling fee is a minimum of $2.50 for the first parcel and $1.00 for each additional parcel or 2.5% (whichever is greater). This internet handling fee is collected by IMS Enterprises, Inc. They provide telephone tech support, database security, programming, pay all credit card fees, bank fees, and hosting for payyourpropertytax.com software. They also provide the processing tools for your county to handle and process your renewal. This service is provided at no cost to your county as an alternative payment channel. If you do not wish to pay this handling fee, do not finalize your payment. You may cancel by closing your browser at any time before finalizing.

Q6:  Why do I have to pay at all?
A:  Your County has no legal authority to assume the expense of online payment. Visa and Master Card banks charge processing fees that must be paid by someone.

Q7:  What happens if Iím having trouble getting to the payment website?
A:  Sometimes the internet is not working properly or at least for your connection. Also the payment website may be temporarily busy or off-line for maintenance or backup. Try again later and call us (256 246-0600) for help if the problem persists.

Q8:  Is there a cut off date or deadline for paying my property tax online?
A:  You may pay your property tax online up until midnight on December 31st of the current year, there after penalties may apply.

Q9:  Why am I receiving the error "Sorry, the PPIN, Parcel number, or Receipt number you entered was not found in the system."?
A:  This error is generated any time a PPIN, Parcel number,or Receipt number is not found in our system. This may be caused by keying the number in incorrectly (using a capital 'o' instead of a zero, or a '8' for a 'B').

Q10:  Do you accept American Express?
A:  Yes, some counties choose to accept American Express, while some do not. If your county does not have an American Express option, we also accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, Debit Cards, and Direct Checks.

Q11:  Is my special discount applied to the amount on this site?
A:  Yes. All fees and discounts are already applied to your property tax payment. The amount you see on your card and the amount you pay online both include those amounts.

Q12:  When I insert my PPIN, Parcel number, or Receipt number in; it tells me that the number does not exist?
A:  The Zero can be mistaken for the letter O sometimes. If you continue to have problems with your number you may call our help line or send us an e-mail.

Q13:  How long will it take for my E check to process?
A:  E-Checks take about 5 to 10 business days to process.

Q14:  How long will it take for my Credit card or Debit card to process?
A:  Credit Cards and Debit cards take 2 to 3 days to process.

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